March Madness

April 12, 2011

Hello all!! Its been a while.

The last month has been very crazy, lots of skating, lots of school work, lots of coaching, lots of choreography….but most of all, lots of life! 

On March 11th, 2011 I came home from Japanese class and logged onto the internet to find tweets about the earthquakes in Japan.  I was speechless, words could not describe what I heard and saw.  I have a huge passion for Japan, I think the country, the people, the food, the culture, the language are all great. I just love that place, and to watch what was happening there was just indescribable.

So the days to follow many were facebooking and tweeting what could we do as skaters to help out, and many were saying we should put on a show. So I took the idea to my dad and my club Glacier Falls FSC and thus Skaters Care was born!!

The show was awesome!! We had many Olympic, World, and National skaters, along with World and Olympic Speed skaters.  One of our skaters, Parker Pennington came out to the show a day early with good friend Marissa Diaz and I gave them the Hollywood tour which was a lot of fun!

The show was put together in a short 2 weeks but came together very fast and easily. All together the show has raised over $15,000 for the people of Japan and we are still taking donations.  I must thank EVERYONE involved and who took an interest in the show, it was much bigger than anticipated and I’m so grateful for everything everyone did to help out a country in need.

After that I was able to relax for 4 days and then on my 21st Birthday (April 8th) I flew out to New Jersey where I was asked to be a guest skater along side Wesley Campbell, Joelle Forte, and Melissa Bulanhagui at Tim David’s One Step Closer Figure Skating Benefit for Children with Aids/HIV.  The show also featured up and coming singer K-Drew who put together 3 great songs for the audience. The show was a success!!

Being that it was my 21st birthday weekend, I chose to stay in New Jersey and extra day and meet up with some friends in Manhattan, NY and to explore the concrete jungle! Manhattan is definitely a city of its own. Nothing like little Yorba Linda that I come from.

During all of this I also completed my new Senior Short Program for the 2011/2012 season with choreographer Cindy Stuart! Not gonna tell you guys what I’m skating to, or the genre but let me tell ya, its a great program!!

Next up is finding and completing a Free Skate for the season, working on those jumps, teaching more kids how to skate, and of course having a great time living life!! I’ll send more updates to you all very soon!! Until then, catch ya later!


3月はとても忙しかったですよ。日本の地震は3月11日。この日、大学から私を帰りましたのとき、読むでTwitter地震を見ました。私は皆に心配にな りました。日本のためにチャラティアイススケートショーを作りたい。そしてSkatersCareを作りました。スケータケアはたくさん上手スケータがい ます。皆さんの心は大きいですね。ショーは楽しかった。もう、たくさんお金「$15,000」を作りました!

後、私は別のショー「One Step Closer」に行きました。このショーは、HIVに感染して子供たちのためだった。もう私の誕生日で21歳になりました。



— Sean

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