Let the games begin!

August 24, 2011

Hi friends,

Its been a while since I have written to you all so I’m taking a moment out of my busyness to say hello and update you on the past few months craziness and events! The month of August has been nutzzzz- yes i used z’s thats how nutzzzzz its been!!! I have been training a lot, coaching and choreographing a lot and JUST STARTED SCHOOL!!! AHHHH CRAZYNESS. I love it!!

In July, I kicked off the season with my first of the summer competitions at Liberty in Aston, PA. I skated a great short program, and well my free skate, had some kinks to be worked out. But in all it was a great learning experience and no matter good or bad competition there is always something to learn.

Then, just two weeks later, I competed at my home club’s competition: Glacier Falls Summer Classic. This was a great competition because after Liberty I had 2 weeks to iron out the kinks and wrinkles and I think the hard work proved itself. I skated a clean short program, and a clean long program. Most of the jumps were good with 2 bobbles which again, i learned something and am currently working to apply it to the next few competitions. Overall i was very happy with how things turned out and I see this season moving in a great direction.

Besides competing, I am a current member of the US Athletic Foundation and they put on an amazing joint show along side the LA Ice Theater called An Evening On Ice. Besides attending I helped out behind the scenes and also wrote the icenetwork article on the show!!

This Thursday I am off to Skate San Francisco to compete and the following week its off to Golden West, in Culver City, CA. BUSY BUSY!!!!

Well friends time to run off to training! Look for my updates on my site and keep watching my twitter feed, or send me an email, I’d love to talk to you all! Talk to you all soon.

Happy skating,
— Sean

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