Just checking in

February 6, 2012

Hi everyone.

Its been quite some time since I updated my blog so I figured maybe I should do something about that.

Last time I wrote, it was the end of August and I was preparing for the qualifying competitions (the Regional and Sectional Championships). At Regionals I skated what was definitely not my best but not my worst programs, and walked away with a silver medal, and hungry to work on my mistakes. I trained EXTREMELY hard for Pacific Coast Sectionals, which unfortunately, I placed 5th at and was alternate this year for the US Championships.

It’s definitely hard to compete as a Senior at Nationals one year and then the next year just miss it by 1 spot. But its created a fire in me, and since Sectionals I have been working EXTREMELY hard. Not just on my jumping but also on better edges, stroking, and even better flow! At the end of this month I will be a special guest skater at the Sweetwater FSC’s Club show. Currently we are deciding on new programs for the season!

— Sean

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