Choreographing for Michelle Kwan

June 18, 2010

Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a great week and are ready to take on the weekend, and thanks for returning to read this second blog entry!  Today I will be writing about the great experience as a choreographer that I had the opportunity to have. 

It started yesterday I was skating, and one of my coaches Karen asked me to come and give some ideas to her and her sister Michelle Kwan for a new exhibition program that Michelle will be performing soon in Korea for Yu-na Kim’s show.  So with my large background in dance I listened to the music and just skated my ideas.  Luckily, the loved them!  So I gave them some ideas and finished my session.

Today I was skating and had a great idea that I showed to Karen and they really liked it so I taught Michelle the steps and into the exhibition program it went.  Then I was exiting the ice from my first session and Michelle called me over and asked me to skate that session and that Karen and her wanted to talk to me.  Karen told me that they were going to give me the opportunity to finish Michelle’s program and that I could be the choreographer and choreograph away…SO THAT I DID!!!

There was still a good minute and a half of time to fill in the program, so you could say I was freely able to choreograph the entire second half.  So I spent time with Michelle doing different skating steps and arm movements and even some dance steps, and we were able to finish it very fast!  Once running through the program a couple times and cleaning up some steps Karen and Michelle looked at each other then me and said “we love it!” That was the icing on the cake!  Not only did a get the opportunity to choreograph for the worlds greatest skater but on top of that she really really really loved it!

So friends, I can now add that to my resume and I am pretty honored to have been able to choreograph for such a wonderful and nice skater.  Its funny, she was like wow Sean thank you so much! And I returned with wow Michelle thank you so much! It was a good laugh, but I want to say it again; Thank you Michelle and Karen Kwan for this opportunity!

Keep watch for this routine at the Yu-na Kim show or on youtube.  The routine is No One by Alicia Keys, give me feed back and tell me what you think!

So that was my awesome experience of the day!  Thanks for reading and great weekend everyone!

Stay tuned for upcoming blog entries in Japanese too.

— Sean

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